About us

About us

Charge Around Australia is a collaboration between sustainable energy advocate, Stuart McBain, and organic electronics world authority Professor Paul Dastoor.

Born out of a shared ambition to find real solutions to tackle climate change and the global energy crisis, the project is a challenge to drive an electric vehicle, powered by solar energy, some 15,097km around the entire coastline of Australia.

On the journey, we are using portable printed solar cell sheets to enable off-grid electric car charging. This innovative solar technology enables us to harvest energy from the sun in wilderness stretches along the route where established charging stations are unavailable.

The technology, known as organic photovoltaics (OPV), is integral to the lightweight solar cell panels that have been developed by physicist and solar energy researcher Professor Paul Dastoor and his pioneering OPV team at the Centre for Organic Electronics in the University of Newcastle, Australia.

The team

About us

Stuart McBain

- Project Director and Driving Project Lead

Professor Paul Dastoor

- Research Project Co-ordinator

Dr Thilo Kober

- Driver